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Welcome To Independence
Pathways Retirement Residence combines the comfort of independent living with the added security of 24 hour onsite staff.

Health Care
Convalescent care conducive to rehabilitation is offered to any age group, who no longer require hospitalization, but who feel they are unable to care for themselves at home.

Activities that engage and motivate.
Stimulate your mind and body with great physical activities, games and entertainment.


Security and Fire Safety

Pathways is locked securely in the evening and should you return later there is a call system in the lobby and when activated the front door will be opened by the nurse or attendant on duty. If you are going away or are staying out over night it would be appreciated if you would let the office receptionist know so that the dietary and nursing staff can be informed of your absence.

There is a smoke detector in each suite and fire pull stations in the corridors. Stairwells are located at each end of the wide corridors for maximum safety. We are connected directly into the Fire Hall and when an alarm is activated there is a quick response. Fire drills are held periodically so the Residents and Staff are familiar with dire drill procedures. When you hear the Fire Alarm, whether it be a drill or otherwise, remember to stay calm in your room, be sure your door is closed and await assistance.


Home About Us Services Pathways Suites Activities Photos